Type of Video

Bring your brand to life on social media with short and engaging videos.

Animation / Explainer

Tell your brand story
or explain how things work

Promo / Product

Promote your new product
or sale campaign

How-to / Tutorial

Showcase steps to achieve
a desired result

Overview / Tour

Overview of your services,
location, facilities

Mobile App / Tech

How to use your mobile app
or tech products

Corporate / B2B

Introduce your company
or B2B services

Interview / People

Feature testimonials
or subject matter experts

Event / Others

Highlights of your launch,
sale event, or anything else

Our Process

This is our scope of services, and how we give birth to a video.


  • Script Writing
  • Storyboard Development
  • Visual Concept
  • Character Design
  • Talents Engagement
  • Venue Arrangement


  • Shooting & Lighting
  • Production Coordination
  • Motion Graphic
  • Voice Over


  • Background Music
  • Audio Mix
  • Video Editing
  • Final Delivery

Our Portfolio

Here's the preview to some of the videos we produced, or click here to watch the videos.

  • All
  • Animation / Explainer
  • Promo / Product
  • How-to / Tutorial
  • Overview / Tour
  • Food / Beauty
  • Mobile App / Tech
  • Corporate / B2B
  • Interview / People
  • Event / Others
Watsons CNY Online Shopping
Watsons CNY Online Shopping Animation / Explainer
Zurich: Cabaran 7 Hari
Zurich: Cabaran 7 Hari Animation / Explainer
E&O CNY Chinese Papercut
E&O CNY Papercut Animation / Explainer
Nature's Way Mother's Day
Nature's Way Mother's Day Promo / Product
Watsons Hair Fair
Watsons Hair Fair Promo / Product
GNC Livewell LAC Zhi
GNC Livewell LAC Zhi Promo / Product
3 Mins College Makeup Tutorial
3 Mins College Makeup Tutorial How-to / Tutorial
Kate's Day to Night Makeup 4K
Kate's Day to Night Makeup 4K How-to / Tutorial
How to use eziPay?
How to use eziPay? How-to / Tutorial
UNIFIT GYM CineAds Overview / Tour
Welcome to Mandara Spa
Welcome to Mandara Spa Overview / Tour
The Mews: Coming Home
The Mews: Coming Home Overview / Tour
Watsons Derma Skin Care
Watsons Derma Skin Care Food / Beauty
How to use eziPOD?
How to use eziPOD? Mobile App / Tech
Watsons Self Checkout Kiosk
Watsons Self Checkout Kiosk Mobile App / Tech
OPTIMIZE by eGHL Corporate / B2B
Nature's Way feat. Fauziah Gous
Nature's Way feat. Fauziah Gous Interview / People
Suria KLCC Hari Raya 2019
Suria KLCC Hari Raya 2019 Event / Others
Danny One: Siapa 2017 MV
Danny One: Siapa 2017 MV Event / Others

Our Video Channels

We have also created hundreds of videos for our in-house video channels.

Our Clients

Here are some of the brands who trust us on video production.

Our Team

Every work we deliver to our clients are done with passion and dedication.

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