Silver Mouse Team

Silver Mouse is a boutique marketing agency in Malaysia that specializes in digital marketing, creative design, and video production.


Since 2014, we have produced hundreds of videos for our clients in various industries, including health & beauty, food & beverage, and more.


Be it filmed or animated, short or long-form videos, single or a video series, we are your one-stop shop for video production in Malaysia.


As a creative content production house, Silver Mouse was officially awarded MSC Status Company by MDEC in 2017, under the Creative Content & Technologies cluster.


With MSC Malaysia rebranded to Malaysia Digital (MD), Silver Mouse continues to be an MD Status Company recognized by MDEC under the Creative Content & Technologies cluster.


Nanyang Kitchen

Nanyang Kitchen is a Chinese recipe media platform that was established in 2017. The platform achieved the YouTube Silver Creator Award in 2021.

Red Studio

Red Studio is a kitchen studio suitable for all kinds of videography and photography, particularly food & culinary video production.


Filming & Animation

We have the in-house capability and experience of producing filmed and animated videos, a one-stop shop for all your video needs.

Industry Experience

We have experience working with local and international brands from health & beauty, food & beverage, and many other industries.


We are a team of marketing and creative professionals, video needs to look good but it is also important to deliver the message.

Creator Award

We operate a cooking channel and were awarded the YouTube Silver Creator Award in 2021 for surpassing 100K YT subscribers.

Production Studio

We own a kitchen/production studio built for videography and photography, making it convenient and cost-effective for our clients.

Package & Retainer

We prefer taking on a series of video content be it on a package or retainer basis to offer our best support and value to our clients.




Share with us your video project requirements to get started!