Animation & Explainers
Animation & Explainers

Animation or explainer video can be your best way to tell your brand story, explain how things work or even as your product commercial.

Shorts & Reels
Shorts & Reels

The rise of platforms like TikTok has made short videos a.k.a. shorts or reels, crucial for brands looking to share their message succinctly.

Package & Series
Package & Series

Consider creating a video series to fully highlight your products or services, offering viewers a detailed understanding of what you offer.


Filming & Animation

We have the in-house capability, experience of producing filmed and animated videos, a one-stop shop for all your video needs.

Industry Experience

We have experience working with local and international brands from health & beauty, food & beverage, and many other industries.


We are a team of marketing and creative professionals, video needs to look good but it is also important to deliver the message.

Creator Award

We operate a cooking channel and were awarded the YouTube Silver Creator Award in 2021 for surpassing 100K YT subscribers.

Production Studio

We have a kitchen/production studio built for videography and photography, making it convenient, cost-effective for our clients.

Long-Term Partnership

We prefer taking on a series of video content be it on a package or retainer basis to offer our best support and value to our clients.



Share with us your video project requirements to get started!