Beauty Videography

Beauty gets the attention, personality captures the heart. A professionally produced video guarantees both - alongside some extra eyeballs!

With our experience in directing, filming and producing over hundreds of beauty-related content, we're confident in making your product or brand shine like a star on camera while delivering the intended marketing messages.

Here are the types of video for you to consider:

  • Brand Promo
  • Product Promo
  • How-to / Tutorial
  • Makeup Show
  • Testimonial
  • Animation

Complement your video campaign with a series of shorts, reels, or even some product lifestyle photography to streamline your brand's overall aesthetics.

Find all your beauty videography or photography needs here, including a studio, talents and not to mention, a video production crew!

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Type of Beauty Videos

Brand Promo

Highlight your brand promotions in a short video commercial - best coupled with acting talents for better engagement.

Product Promo

Showcase your product details by integrating animations to highlight unique selling points.

How-To / Tutorial

Educate your customers with simple steps and usage methods presented by your talent of choice.

Makeup Show

Elevate your tutorial videos by collaborating with a professional makeup artist to show how it's done!


Short interviews with your customers about their experience can strengthen brand loyalty and trust.


Gamify your approach in explaining important facts and information for your audience with some fun animation.

Beauty Shorts / Reels

Beauty Product Photography

Can't wait to start your beauty videography or photography?

Our H&B Clients

Why Us?

Short Videos

Short videos are our forte, we have experience producing hundreds of videos so far, from corporate, commercial to how-to videos.

Fair Pricing

You will only be quoted and billed for what you need, without excessive charges or sacrificing your video quality.

Project Efficiency

From negotiation, pre-production, production to post-production, everything will be executed with speed and without fuss.

In-House Team

Our production team are 100% full-timers, so you don't need to worry about inconsistent quality delivered by adhoc project teams.

Video Marketing

We have executed millions of ad budget on Facebook and YouTube so we can help to distribute and promote your video too.

Health & Beauty

With tons of health & beauty videos produced plus a ready studio, we specialize in beauty videography & photography.

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